Maternity and Coronary ICU Renovation

GES key personnel provided the MEP & FP engineering services to renovate the hospital's ICU unit, which included the expansion of the hospital's present maternity and coronary ICU. The new design provides a new Maternity and Coronary Care Intensive Care... Continue Reading

Holy Cross Hospital, Affiliated PET/MRI

GES provided electrical engineering services for the addition of a new 100KVA UPS to serve a Positron emission tomography (PET) scanner. The PET scanner is a nuclear medicine imaging tool which produces a three-dimensional image or picture of functional processes in the body. Throughout the course of the project, GES coordinated with the Holy Cross Hospital technical staff and the UPS system manufacturer for the installation of the new equipment. Photo credit: Prakash... Continue Reading

Highlands Dental Care

GES provided the MEP & FP engineering design for a new private dental clinic. Spaces for the dental clinic includes Business Office, Consultation room, Hygiene room, pediatric bays, sterilization lab, private operating room, xray and imaging area, staff lounge, server room, lavatories and reception... Continue Reading

Emergency Department Renovation

GES provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering services for a phased 2,500 sf renovation of the Emergency Department.   The renovation incorporated a “super fast-track” area for receiving less severe emergency patients and an ICU, which supports patients from surrounding hospitals. Due to the sensitive and complex nature of the renovated spaces, special attention was paid to the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. GES was also responsible for designing the expansion of the data and communications system and the nurse call... Continue Reading

New Fire Research Laboratory

GES provided design review of all mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for the new ATF Fire Research Laboratory. The ATF Fire Research Laboratory is the world's first and only laboratory devoted to forensic fire research. The Fire Research Laboratory will provide the necessary facilities, equipment, and staff to work on fire-investigation issues that include fire-scene-reconstruction, flashover studies, validation of fire-pattern analysis indicators, impact of accelerants on fire growth and spread, ignition studies, and electrical fire cause... Continue Reading

A/E IDIQ Contract for USDA-ARS

GES was the prime contractor on an indefinite quantity contract to provide engineering/architectural services to support major facility renovation projects, repair and maintenance, alteration and/or new construction projects for research laboratory facilities and area support facilities in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. Tasks included HVAC studies, Fire Protection Upgrades and... Continue Reading

A/E IDIQ Contract for NRL

GES served as a prime contractor providing project management, MEP & FP services for the evaluation, renovation, modification, replacement, and upgrade of laboratories, industrial warehouses, and office facilities. GES has completed over 30 tasks including the replacement of air handling units at a nanoscience building, correction of condensation leaks, replacement of condenser water piping, and renovation of HVAC... Continue Reading

A/E IDIQ Contract for NIST

GES served as the prime contractor providing A/E services for the evaluation, renovation, modification, replacement, and upgrade of laboratory and administrative facilities. Task orders include electrical design renovation for a high-rise administrative building, back up generators replacement, installation of water detection system, installation of campus wide solar panel system, HVAC improvements to network cooling closets, and data center... Continue Reading

A/E IDIQ Contract for NIH

GES has been providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services to NIH under a variety of contract arrangements, completing nearly 150 tasks. GES has provided a wide variety of architecture and engineering services for the construction, renovation and repair of healthcare facilities, laboratories, animal care facilities, offices, and infrastructure. A sampling of task orders to date have included: Pre-Design Study for New Fuel Tanks, Building 11: GES was responsible for the development of a study to expand the back-up heating fuel system on NIH's Bethesda... Continue Reading

Tulip Grove Elementary School Replacement

GES provided MEP & FP services for the modernization and expansion of an elementary school to bring it into compliance with the school system’s educational specifications.  The project included demolition of 39,782 sf of the existing school, and a 25,389 sf addition to create a new 65,171 sf facility capable of housing expanded programming.  In addition to serving the needs of its students, the school is the centerpiece of the neighborhood and available for use by community at night and during the weekend. The school has also  been designed to operate as an emergency shelter for the... Continue Reading